Popular architecture is heavily conditioned by the terrain and materials available. Four features define tipically Checan buildings:

-The use of hand-laid stone: buildings with stone walls and timber structure.

-The application of lime mortar to the walls: brightly red because of the local sand, painted blue or yellow, or whitened. This last style remind us of the houses and landscape in Andalucia, an influence brought back with the yearly return of the transhumant livestock.

-The height of the buildings, up to three or sometimes four floors.

-The use of very visible eaves, made of timber or pottery.

Edifications of interest include:

-The Main Square, or Plaza Mayor: its uniqueness arising from the fact that despite of its rectangular shape it has only three walls, since the fourth side is completely open to the river Genitoris and a cascade.

-Saint John the Baptist’s church: It was built in the 17th century and has been added to in the 19th. However , the existence of a previous Romanesque structure is mentioned as early as the 13th century in important testament documents.

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