Botanical Significance

Herbs and medicinal plants

In the region we can find several herbs, such as thyme, camomile, Chiliadenus Glutinosus (also locally called «rock tea»), sage, melissa, and bearberry. Other local plants include:

Juniper (Juniperus Sabina).

Needle whin (Genista Anglica).

Common barberry: used for jams and drinks, and also in wines. It is commonly used as a remedy for fevers and constipation, caution must be exercised as it can be toxic.

Needle spikerush (Eleocharis Acicularis) and Littorella Uniflora are water plants found in mires, around ponds and pools. Admire them at El Cubillo.

Pine groves are natural in this area, specifically Black pine and Scot pine.

Of marked local interest, Autumn is the season for mushroom harvesting, particularly cep or porcini fungi, and field mushroom (Agaricus Campestris).

Newfound unique species:

The path from Checa to the nearby Alcoroches constitutes a special balance of geographical, humidity, soil, and altitude conditions that have been the origin to a formerly unknown species of plant, currently under study. We will post more information about this discovery as soon as it becomes available.

Isolation seems to have supported the peculiar development of several tree trunks from a single original stem in the pine groves in the valley of Barranco del Cubillo, a gully south of Checa.

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