Ethnological Heritage


River Genitoris divides the town of Checa into two neighbourhoods, and five pretty stone bridges connect both sides creating a picturesque and uncommon urban landscape

Museo de la Trashumancia

Attached to the Town Council building, these facilities are dedicated to the study and explaining of transhumance, an activity formerly practised in the region, and to divulgate its cultural significance to Checa. It has three floors, dedicated to welcoming visitors, an artifact collection, and conference space, respectively.

Hay Barns

In Checa we can find some preserved remains of old thresing floors and barns with special roofs. These are covered with pebbles forming geometrical patterns. Hay barns are walled edifications in which many of the town inhabitants live from May to September.

Chozón de pastor:

This «shepperd´s thatch» is built in a circular fashion with hand-laid stones. Its roof is built onto a grounded central Spanish Juniper treetrunk. This very long-lasting wood is responsible for the survival of these structures. Circular building is otherwise unknown in the area, making them all the more remarkable.

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