Greetings from the Mayor and Town Council Corporation:

Mayor: Jesús Alba Mansilla.

Corporation Secretary: Enrique Maeso.

Councilmembers: Sergio Latasa CajaJosé Luis Gardel GómezPatricia Martínez Pérez, María del Carmen Teruel Francisco, Tomás López Sánchez, Valentín Lozano Contreras.

CHECA (Guadalajara)

Checa (coordinates 40°35′11″N 1°47′23″O ) is a small municipality in the South-West of the province of Guadalajara, in the Autonomous Region of Castilla-La Mancha. It has a total extension of 179 km², and a population of roughly 300 people.

Checa occupies a valley flanked by two peaks, Picorzo and Pedro Maza. Three rivers, Cabrillas, Hoz Seca, and Tajo, cross it. Winters are cold and summers short and mild. As part of Parque Natural del Alto Tajo it enjoys rich plant and animal biodiversity. Crops like barley or wheat are exploited, together with lots of small family orchards that beautify the landscape. There are special brigades in charge of the proper care of the hills, in order to mantain the environment and to prevent fires.

The town´s main industries are timber and, more recently, rural tourism. The beauty of the county, Señorío de Molina-Alto Tajo, is partly owed to Nature and partly to human contributions like its «Mill-houses», which are more like small manors, or country houses, scattered around the land.

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