At 1.363 m. above sea level, Checa is one of the biggest towns in Castilla-La Mancha. It sits in the middle of a valley which is surrounded by peaks Picorzo and Pedro Maza, and the beautiful pine grove Dehesa de la Espineda, south of Sierra Molina.

Checa´s territory is mountainous and arduous, mostly in Sierra Molina. The streams Cabrillas, Genitoris, Hoz Seca, and river Tagus run across its territory. River Tagus constitutes a natural and impassable border with provinces Teruel and Cuenca. Two creeks, Hoz Seca and Villarejo, go through Sierra Molina and supply Tagus with substantial amounts of subterranean water.

A very short river, Genitoris, parts the town in two in a most picturesque fashion: it runs close to the buildings, forming two small waterfalls. Five bridges cross it and provide Checa with the most beautiful and particular views.

The weather responds to a continentalised mediterranean climate. Summers are mild and winters sometimes reach -28ºC.

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